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Cooper / Eromanga Basin

THE Cooper / Eromanga Basin

The Cooper Basin covers an area of approximately 127,000 sqkm and extends across the northeast of South Australia and southwest of Queensland. The Eromanga Basin covers an area of approximately 1,000,000 sqkm and extends over South Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales.

The Cooper-Eromanga basin is Australia’s most prolific oil and gas basin and continues to yield new discoveries.

Beach has established a world-class operated oil business on the Western Flank of the Cooper Basin, and has grown to become Australia’s largest onshore oil producer, and remains a substantial part of our operations.

We have an active operated drilling program focused on key Western Flank play fairways, and we continue to develop our acreage across the Cooper Basin through joint venture partnerships and other activities in the region.

Oil well being drilled in the South Australian Cooper Basin

Cooper Basin, South Australia

Cooper Basin, South Australia

Cooper Basin, South Australia


The Cooper Basin is a Permian to Triassic aged sequence of sediments deposited in a terrestrial fluvial-lacustrine environment.

The major source rock units within the Cooper Basin are the Permian aged coals and carbonaceous shales in the Patchawarra and Toolachee Formations.

Natural gas reservoirs are found in sandstones in multiple formations including the Patchawarra Formation, Epsilon Formation and Toolachee Formation.

The Triassic aged Nappamerri Group sequence provides a regional seal for the Cooper Basin and separates the Cooper Basin from the overlying Eromanga Basin.

The Eromanga Basin is Jurassic to Cretaceous in age and is a sequence of sediments of marine and fluvio-lacustrine in origin.

Oil is commonly found within the high deliverability sands of the Namur and Hutton sandstone units and is sourced from the underlying Cooper Basin.


Revised Water Impact Report for ATP 940P

Beach Energy advises that the ATP 940 2022-2025 Underground Water Impact Report (UWIR) was approved on 16 February 2023. An electronic copy of the report is available below.

If you would like a hard copy of the report, please contact us via email or phone 08 8338 2833 to arrange for a hard copy of the report to be posted to you.

Underground Water Impact report (2022-2025)

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