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Offshore Gas Victoria

Thylacine platform – existing facility in the Otway Basin

Offshore Gas Victoria Project

Beach is continuing its commitment to supply natural gas to the east coast domestic market and has commenced planning for the Offshore Gas Victoria Project.

Subject to internal and external approvals, the project would operate in the offshore Otway and Bass basins (Commonwealth waters) through different activities across several phases. These phases include; seabed assessments, removal of up to five suspended wells, drilling three to eight exploration and appraisal wells and completing and connecting wells.

Project timings would be confirmed after internal and external project approvals, confirmation of contractor vessels and drill rig availability and weather conditions.


Consultation with relevant persons is an important part of developing Environment Plans which are submitted to the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA) for assessment.

Relevant persons are defined in the regulations as a person or organisation whose functions, interests or activities may be affected by the activities to be carried out under the environment plan. See further information about consultation in the information sheet.

Consultation records will be provided to NOPSEMA and published, unless you advise us that you do not want that information published.

If there is someone you believe may be affected by the proposed activities, please have them contact us.

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Beach recognises that climate change is one of the global challenges of this century and understands the role we must play in managing our carbon emissions. Beach has an aspiration to reach net zero Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2050 and a target to reduce emissions intensity by 35% from its entire portfolio by 2030.

See further information in Beach’s Sustainability Report.

Carbon emissions of natural gas are significantly lower than coal. As old coal fired power stations are removed from Australia’s energy mix, electricity powered from natural gas ensures a stable energy supply as our economy transitions to a different mix of energy sources for electricity generation.

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) 2022 Integrated System Plan has forecast more gas-fired generation is required to reach Net Zero by 2050. In its “Step Change” scenario which achieves that objective, 40% more gas-fired generation capacity is required to enable energy from wind and solar to increase nine-fold, and battery storage to increase by a factor of 30.

Beach is committed to reducing emissions from its operations and has targets that are consistent with the changes to the Safeguard Mechanism, introduced from 1 July 2023.

Natural gas has a wide variety of uses in our daily lives. These include generating electricity, residential heating, hot water and cooking. In the industrial sector, gas is a primary heat source for manufacturing glass, steel, cement, bricks, wood, ceramics, tiles, paper and in producing food. Gas is a common ingredient in the manufacturing of fertilisers, plastics, pharmaceuticals and fabrics.

The Australian Energy Market Operator’s latest Victorian Gas Planning Report in March 2022 forecasts demand shortfall risks as soon as 2023.

No. Beach Energy is a gas wholesaler and supplies the majority of its gas under contract to energy retailers in Australia. Beach does not set retail prices.

No. Beach does not export gas from the Otway or Bass basins. The gas processed at the Otway Gas Plant and Lang Lang Gas Plant in Victoria is supplied to the local gas market via an existing pipeline to meet residential, business and industry demand.


P: 1800 797 011

To register interest in tendering for key goods and services for the Offshore Gas Victoria (OGV) Project, visit the following link:

Offshore Gas Victoria – ICN Gateway