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Media Releases

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2023 Media Releases

Beach engages with community in Offshore Gas Victoria Project consultations
23 Oct 2023 Download (460Kb) (460Kb)
Next phase of Kupe drilling commences
21 Sep 2023 Download (74Kb) (74Kb)
Planning commences for next phase of Otway offshore drilling
26 Jul 2023 Download (218Kb) (218Kb)
Beach powering the Port Campbell community
13 Apr 2023 Download (299Kb) (299Kb)

2022 Media Releases

Government's unreasonable price provision
12 Dec 2022 Download (109Kb) (109Kb)
Chemistry in action at Otway Gas Plant
28 Sep 2022 Download (60Kb) (60Kb)
Beach enters major coastal wetlands restoration partnership
3 Aug 2022 Download (71Kb) (71Kb)
Supporting First Nation's-owned businesses to grow
4 Jul 2022 Download (98Kb) (98Kb)
Beach explores future opportunities for more local gas in the South East
30 Jun 2022 Download (68Kb) (68Kb)
Beach wins Environmental Award
19 May 2022 Download (78Kb) (78Kb)
First gas from Geographe wells
13 Jan 2022 Download (72Kb) (72Kb)

2021 Media Releases

Dombey Survey commencing
17 Nov 2021 Download (197Kb) (197Kb)
FID on Moomba carbon capture and storage project
1 Nov 2021 Download (69Kb) (69Kb)
Waitsia groundbreaking
15 Oct 2021 Download (140Kb) (140Kb)
Kupe Compression completion
14 Oct 2021 Download (73Kb) (73Kb)
Prion Seismic Survey
22 Sep 2021 Download (156Kb) (156Kb)
Dombey 3D Seismic Survey
15 Sep 2021 Download (144Kb) (144Kb)
Waitsia gas to supply CEFA’s LNG hub
29 Jul 2021 Download (72Kb) (72Kb)
Heytesbury Firebrigade Training Support
26 Mar 2021 Download (70Kb) (70Kb)

2020 Media Releases

Local suppliers key to Beach projects
6 Nov 2020 Download (76Kb) (76Kb)
Otway Gas Plant shutdown
26 Oct 2020 Download (71Kb) (71Kb)
Enterprise drilling to commence
31 Aug 2020 Download (39Kb) (39Kb)
South East Survey
24 Aug 2020 Download (77Kb) (77Kb)
Emissions to be cut by 25 per cent by FY25
17 Aug 2020 Download (71Kb) (71Kb)
Haselgrove 4DW1 testing
11 Jun 2020 Download (65Kb) (65Kb)
Haselgrove 4DW1 completion
12 May 2020 Download (64Kb) (64Kb)
Black Watch testing
27 Apr 2020 Download (82Kb) (82Kb)
Katnook commissioning
17 Mar 2020 Download (87Kb) (87Kb)
Beach and Santos support manufacturing jobs
30 Jan 2020 Download (111Kb) (111Kb)
Update on SA Otway operations
23 Jan 2020 Download (77Kb) (77Kb)

2019 Media releases

Dombey testing to commence
4 Dec 2019 Download (77Kb) (77Kb)
Southern White Rhino sponsorship
26 Nov 2019 Download (92Kb) (92Kb)
Timboon Changeroom funding
13 Nov 2019 Download (72Kb) (72Kb)
Gas intersected at Dombey-1
15 Oct 2019 Download (65Kb) (65Kb)
Beach begins Otway campaign
13 Sep 2019 Download (82Kb) (82Kb)
Beach opens new city HQ
2 Aug 2019 Download (77Kb) (77Kb)
Royal Flying Doctor Major Sponsorship
3 Apr 2019 Download (150Kb) (150Kb)
Works commence on Haselgrove-4 Conventional Gas Well
3 Apr 2019 Download (65Kb) (65Kb)
New brand as Beach outgrows its HQ
5 Mar 2019 Download (125Kb) (125Kb)
Beach Energy becomes key partner with Port Campbell Surf Life Saving Club
24 Feb 2019 Download (428Kb) (428Kb)

2018 Media releases

FY18 full year results
20 Aug 2018 Download (222Kb) (222Kb)
Production and sales up after strong quarter at Beach
26 Jul 2018 Download (209Kb) (209Kb)
Beach to outline next phase of activities in SA Otway basin
10 Jul 2018 Download (329Kb) (329Kb)
Beach donates fencing equipment to help March bushfire recovery
10 Jul 2018 Download (197Kb) (197Kb)
Beach quadruples 2P reserves following transformative year
2 Jul 2018 Download (283Kb) (283Kb)
Strong operational performance and Transformation underway
19 Feb 2018 Download (217Kb) (217Kb)
Adelaide to remain Beach's home
2 Feb 2018 Download (196Kb) (196Kb)
New executive appointments and leadership structure
31 Jan 2018 Download (399Kb) (399Kb)
Beach Energy delivers acquisition and revenue growth in Q1
31 Jan 2018 Download (195Kb) (195Kb)

2017 Media Releases

Beach wins PACE Gas grant to drill second South East conventional gas well
18 Dec 2017 Download (311Kb) (311Kb)
FY18 Q1 Results
31 Oct 2017 Download (195Kb) (195Kb)
Drilling commences at Haselgrove-3
22 Sep 2017 Download (190Kb) (190Kb)
Beach Energy Posts Strong Profit Turnaround and Reserves Uplift
21 Aug 2017 Download (194Kb) (194Kb)
FY17 Q4 Results
27 Jul 2017 Download (195Kb) (195Kb)
Protecting the state’s groundwater
18 Jul 2017 Download (226Kb) (226Kb)
Location for Beach Energy conventional gas well
11 Jul 2017 Download (252Kb) (252Kb)
FY17 Q3 Results
27 Apr 2017 Download (195Kb) (195Kb)
South East Drilling Program
16 Mar 2017 Download (230Kb) (230Kb)
FY17 H1 Results
20 Feb 2017 Download (247Kb) (247Kb)
FY17 Q2 Results
31 Jan 2017 Download (230Kb) (230Kb)

2016 Media Releases

FY17 Q1 Results
27 Oct 2016 Download (242Kb) (242Kb)
Full Year Results FY16
29 Aug 2016 Download (249Kb) (249Kb)
FY16 Q4 Results
28 Jul 2016 Download (229Kb) (229Kb)
FY16 Q3 Results
28 Apr 2016 Download (230Kb) (230Kb)
Merger with Drillsearch finalised
1 Mar 2016 Download (146Kb) (146Kb)
FY16 First Half Results
26 Feb 2016 Download (149Kb) (149Kb)
FY16 Q2 Results
28 Nov 2016 Download (145Kb) (145Kb)
New CEO Appointment
12 Jan 2016 Download (143Kb) (143Kb)