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Bass Pakenham Pipeline

DescriptionBeach Energy (Operations) Limited (Beach) operates a buried high-pressure natural gas Bass Pakenham Pipeline (BPP). This pipeline plays a vital role in helping to supply gas to Victorian households and businesses. BPP is a 35.1 km long, 250 mm diameter welded-steel wall pipeline. The BPP pipeline is buried at a minimum depth of 900 mm.
OwnershipBeach - 88.75%
Prize Petroleum Limited - 11.25%
Regulatory StatusThe BPP is a non-scheme pipeline. The BPP has been granted AER exemption for publication of Weighted Average Pricing (WAP) information for services on the BPP.
Capacity and ServicesThe following standard services are offered on the BPP:
• Interruptible Forward Haul transport.
• Interruptible Back Haul transport.

A description of these services, including the Standard Bass Gas Pipeline Gas Transportation Agreement (BGPGTA) can be found here.

Relevant tariffs for these standard services can be found within the BGPGTA.

Interruptible services are only available while the pipeline is fully contracted in respect of the corresponding firm service.
Service Usage InformationService Usage Report
Service Availability Information36- month uncontracted capacity outlook
12-month capacity outlook
Policies, Procedures and RequirementsMetering and Measurement
Metering and Measurement obligations are outlines in the Standard Bass Gas Pipeline Gas Transportation Agreement (BGPGTA).

Gas Specification
Beach requires the Gas Specification or any other quality to comply with the relevant Australian Standard (AS 4564). Beach will measure and/or monitor gas quality in accordance with relevant obligations under contract. Quality obligations are outlined in the Standard Bass Gas Pipeline Gas Transportation Agreement (BGPGTA).

Credit Support
Beach has minimum credit support requirements that are a pre-condition to gaining access to pipeline services. Beach’s credit support requirements are set out in clause 22.2 of the GTA.
ContactIf you are interested in acquiring gas transmission services for this pipeline, you can contact us on 08 8338 2833 to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, you may wish to make an enquiry by emailing us at
Formal Access RequestPotential customers do not have to submit a Formal Access Request to gain access to Bass Pakenham Pipeline. If you are interested in acquiring services for this pipeline, you can contact us at the contact details above to discuss your requirements.
Beach Financial Information Disclosure – Part 23 National Gas RulesBeach is reporting financial information for its non-scheme pipelines that is a pipeline not subject to full or light regulation, according to AER’s Financial Reporting Guideline for non-Scheme Pipelines.

Basis of Preparation
FY23 Independent Auditor's Report
BPP FY23 Part 23 Financial reporting

Basis of Preparation
FY22 Independent Auditor's Report
BPP FY22 Part 23 Financial Reporting
User Access GuideBeach BPP User Access Guide - December 2023
Interconnection Policy - December 2023